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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are your teaching days?

We are open seven days a week. Monday to Friday in the evening classes start from 5pm till 9pm. Weekends from 10am – 6pm. We are also open throughout the holiday where we also provide additional booster classes for exam preparation.

Do you charge for assessment of a child?

No. We do not charge for assessment and assessment is 100% free.

How you decide group about my child?

The child will be assessed based on the information you provide. He will be assessed in accordance with the level/grade he/she is in. The test will be done in the subject you wish your child to enrol. Like for learning maths subject only assessment test will be done in maths and for English the assessment will be done in English. We put the child in the same group in accordance with his/her level/performance of the assessment test result.

Sometimes, based on the assessment, if it is considered that the child initially needs one- to-one tutoring, we may provide the child one-to-one support and bring his/her confidence at par with the group and then put him/her into that particular group. Sometimes design groups in accordance with the level/learning ability of the child to get along with the group and improve accordingly.

Our ultimate aim is provide support to your child and improve him/her in that particular subject.

What is the admission process?

Booking of Free Assessment of the Child

Assessment of the Child

Filling-in of Admission Form

Placing the Child in group in accordance with level

What are your per hour rates?

There are different rates for different grades and are set according to different level and grades. The rates have been fixed in three different groups and also depend on the number of subjects taken for study at Excellent Tutors. Thus rate goes down up to £6 per hour if someone takes 3 subjects .So the more subjects you take, the cheaper it is.

The rates vary if you pay monthly and they bit cheaper in comparison to Pay As You Go rate. Therefore, we advise to choose monthly payment plan.

You can call the centre or visit us for further details and explanation. Our member of the staff can provide guidance and advise in this regard.

The rate list is available in the rates section of the website.

What is duration of a session?

We consider enough time must be spent in one sitting to get the result. Thus our session is of 2 hour duration. From our experience, we consider this is the ideal time which a child can spend to learn and concentrate.

Can I take one hour for each subject?

No. We are sorry that we don’t conduct one hour session.

Can I pay on weekly basis?

Yes, you can. You can pay last week fee and first week in advance and continue to pay on a weekly basis. If you decide any time to leave you can give one week prior notice and adjust the last weekly payment for that week. However, we always advise parents to pay on monthly basis as monthly payments are cheaper as compared to pay-as-you-go rates.

Do you get along with schools and help a child with class homework?

We strictly follow our own schedule and methodology in accordance with the child’s learning level based on the assessment we have done. We continue with our own pace and increase the capacity of the child. Ultimately the child is able to improve his/her position in the class and perform much better than he/she was doing before. With the passage of time the child will be able to do his/her homework himself/herself. Definitely our purpose at Excellent Tutors is to improve the child’s performance in school and achieve better results in the exams. Our experience shows that most of the kids start performing better in the class within 2 -3 months of their learning at Excellent Tutors.

Do you provide study material?

Yes. We provide material to the students and strictly follow that material. The material has been designed in accordance with the level and requirements of the National Curriculum by our experienced teachers /tutors.

Are your teachers experienced?

We have experinced teachers for Maths, English and English. They overlook the curriculum, ensuring that the right objectives are covered for each child and the right assessment is used to monitor progress. We have supervisors overseeing the performance of the teachers and guiding them in accordance with our teaching methodology.

What exam board do you cover?

We cover all exam boards from EDEXCEL, AQA to OCR. We strictly follow the syllabus of the board for that particular subject.

Do you provide feedback to parents?

Yes, we have regular parents’ meetings and continually provide feedback to the parents about the their child performance .We discuss the progress your child is making with the subject teacher. Moreover, we are always accessible whenever a parent wants to discuss about their child’s performance. We always appreciate the involvement of parents’ in their child performance.

What if we go on holidays or a child is sick?

In case of holidays, you have to inform beforehand and the hours will be rescheduled. If a child is sick you are supposed to inform as soon as possible and the compensatory hours will be given in the subsequent weeks.